Synergetica Mail Server

Contacts & Calendar Synchronization

This box can hold your contacts and calendar, just like it holds your email.

In your browser

You can edit your contacts and calendar from your web browser.

For... Visit this URL

Log in settings are the same as with mail: your complete email address and your mail password.

On your mobile device

If you set up your mail using Exchange/ActiveSync, your contacts and calendar may already appear on your device.

Otherwise, here are some apps that can synchronize your contacts and calendar to your Android phone.

For... Use...
Contacts and Calendar DAVx⁵ ($5.99; free here)
Only Contacts CardDAV-Sync free (free)
Only Calendar CalDAV-Sync ($2.99)

Use the following settings:

Account Type CardDAV or CalDAV
Server Name
Use SSL Yes
Username Your complete email address.
Password Your mail password.